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Chemical Peels Honolulu

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It never hurts to help give your skin a little boost with natural processes. Your skin is consistently shedding dead cells, exfoliating, and replacing them. However if you need that process expedited then consider our chemical peels in Honolulu Hawaii.


Time incremented peeling of the skin can help stimulate cellular activity while addressing a certain skin issues such as:

Age Spots
Enlarged Pores
Pre-cancerous Growths


If you are dealing with the skin issues mentioned above then consider our chemical peels in Honolulu Hawaii that exfoliate either lightly, moderately, or aggressively according to the chemical used.


What’s a Chemical Peel?
Our skin is the largest organ in our body which most don’t ever take into consideration. Skin is composed of the following 3 layers known as the epidermis, the dermis, and the fat layer. Most chemical peels typically focus on the epidermis, which can cause blistering to the upper layer or potentially penetrate the dermis layer. The surface skin eventually begins to loosen then peels off. This allows fresh skin to take the place of the dead and damaged skin cells. Chemical peels are an easy, non-invasive choice for those seeking professional skin rejuvenations services.


Chemical Peels Honolulu

Professional Chemical Peels in Honolulu

Michelle’s Beauty & Wellness Center

Call (808) 234-4388


Which Skin Issues Do Chemical Peels Treat?

We will first start off saying that chemical peels aren’t recommended for treating deep facial lines, loosening/tight skin, or those with sagging skin.

However they are recommended for the following skin conditions:

Acne Scarring
Scaly Patches
Skin Texture
Pigmentation Issues
Sun Damage
Fine Lines
Age spots


We offer the following types of chemical peels:

Light Chemical Peels
A light chemical peel uses glycolic acid or salicylic acid and is considered the mildest form of the treatment.
Superficial chemical peels are used for exfoliating the outermost layer of the epidermis, dead/damaged skin removal, and skin glow. Light peels are used for the following skin issues:

Dry skin
Fine wrinkles
Improve acne



Treat Your Skin with Chemical Peels in Honolulu

Michelle’s Beauty & Wellness Center

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What Chemicals Are Used In A Light Chemical Peel?
We normally use all natural alphahydroxy acids for the following peels: glycolic acid (derived from sugar cane, grapes, or sugar beets), lactic acid (derived from sour milk), or salicylic acid (derived from plants).

Light Chemical Peel Recovery
After your first few light peels, your skin may have some redness and irritation, but as your skin becomes more exfoliated this will pass and your skin will simply glow after your peel. Because of its mildness, a light chemical peel can be administered to the patient once a week for up to six weeks, depending on the results that they want to achieve.


Medium Chemical Peels

A medium chemical peels remove skin from the outer layer but also the upper part of the middle layer of the skin (dermis). Trichloroacetic acid may be used in combination with glycolic acid for this type of treatment. Medium-depth peels are known to penetrate deeper into the dermis layer.
They are used to treat the following:

Acne scars
Deeper wrinkles
Uneven pigmentation

Medium Chemical Peel Recovery
The peeling agent used is called trichloroacetic acid. Medium peels do require a certain amount of recovery time while leaving the skin red and stinging. Skin crusting and redness can last up to two weeks. However medium peels can be done more than once they are not recommended for not more than three or four times per year.


Deep Chemical Peels

The more aggressive chemical peels use phenol acid as the peeling agent.
Deep peels penetrate into the lower dermal layer while addressing the following:


Deeper wrinkles
Sun damage
Pre-cancerous growths
Blotchy skin


Chemical Peels Honolulu

Chemical Peels Near Honolulu Hawaii

Michelle’s Beauty & Wellness Center

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Preparing For A Deep Chemical Peel
Prior to receiving a deep peel, patients first do some pre-treatment at home to prepare their skin for the procedure. Immediately before the peel, the patient will receive local anesthetic and a sedative, if requested, to help manage discomfort.

Deep Chemical Peel Recovery
Deep chemical peels are known as the aggressive skin treatment which require recovery time. There will be peeling, crusting, swelling, and redness within the skin for several days after the peel. Redness can remain for up to three months, and the use of sunscreen is advised since your skin will be very sensitive.


How Often Can I Have A Deep Chemical Peel?
Due to the aggressiveness, deep chemical peels can be done no more than once per decade.

How Does A Chemical Peel Work?
During the procedure a cotton-tipped applicator would be used to apply the chemical solution onto the patient’s skin. As the chemical reagents come in contact with the skin, it will begin to change color as the solution facilitates the peeling process.

How Long Do Chemical Peels Normally Take?
A light chemical peel may take up to 10 minutes; medium chemical peels usually 20 minutes, and deep chemical peels are anywhere between 60 to 90 minutes to complete.


Is It Recommended That Chemical Peels Be Performed With Other Treatments?

We can offer additional results with your chemical peel using laser and IPL rejuvenation to tighten the skin, dermal filters, or Botox. A thorough skin evaluation will help determine what best meets your needs.



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